Check out all the Shamanic and Ethnobotanical Items I have for Sale!!!

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These are items I have for trade/sale-

[b][u]Trade List-[/u][/b]


Pereskiopsis grafting cacti
Trichocereus huanucoensis
Trichocereus huanucoensis (LARGE, fully rooted 5inch thick)
Trichocereus pachanoi (Non-predominant cultivar) "True San Pedro"
Trichocereus peruvianus var. "Tarma"
Trichcoereus bridgesii
Trichcoereus bridgesii var. monstrose (Clone B)
Trichcoereus bridgesii var. monstrose (Clone B) (HUGE) ~ $50
Trichcoereus bridgesii "semi-monstrose" AKA "Melted-Wax Bridgesii" from Lotusland
Trichocereus spachianus
Trichocereus riomizquensis
Opuntia drummondii
Trichocereus terscheckii
Gymnocalycium cactus ~ $cheap
Trichocereus "True Blue" peruvianus ~ $50
Myrtillocactus geometrizans ~ "Blue Myrtle" cactus
Other Trichocereus available as well, just ask, as well as other cacti


Hot Pepper seeds
Trichocereus "True Blue" seeds
Toothache plant seeds
Turbina (syn. Rivea) corymbosa ~ “Ololiuqui”
Papaver somniferum ~ "Poppy"
Salvia hispanica "Chia" seed


Bhut Pepper (World's Hottest Pepper) ~ $15
Salvia divinorum "Diviner's Sage" (8-12inch plants) ~ $35 flat within the USA
Justicia pectoralis
Rosemary Plant
Wormwood plant
Fig tree ~ $10
Hot Pepper plants
Passiflora ~ "Passion-Flower" plants
Psychotria plant ~ $15
Sassafrass plant ~ $7
Salvia divinorum (LARGE) plant ~ $50
Japanese Maple ~ $30
Hot Pepper plant ~ $3
Elephant Tree/Copal&Frankinsense Tree ~ $75

[u]Dried Botanicals-[/u]

Mitragyna speciosa ~ "Kratom" leaf
Piper methysticum ~ "Kava Kava" root
Toothache Buds
Salvia divinorum dried leaf
Salvia divinorum 20x extract
Calamus Root
Virola resin
Yopo seeds
Tobacco (Organic, home grown)
Turbina (syn. Rivea) corymbosa ~ “Ololiuqui” seeds
Yerba Mate leafs
Guayusa leafs
Silene roots
Calea leaf
Lettuce Opium (super high quality)
Lady's Slipper root
Neem Oil
Cacao nibs (raw, organic)
Cacao 25x extract
Pedicularis dried buds
Reishi Mushroom


"Insensio" Peruvianus Golden Resin incense
and other botanical based incense


Shaman Stones
Valerian Cali Poppy Tincture
Toothache Tincture
Other Herbal Tinctures and Extracts (inquire)
Dropper Bottle (empty)
Original Painting by Teotzlcoatl


In order to receive your plant you MUST email me at! I prefer cash payment, but money orders and paypal are acceptable. Those who send cash payment will receive a bonus gift!

Orders are normally shipped within 10 days of when payment is received, but some orders may take up to a month to be shipped depending on the condition of the plants and the weather. People must realize that plants are living creatures that don't always cooperate, I will only ship plants when I feel that they will arrive healthy and happy!

Cold sensitive plants are NOT shipped from December 1st through March 1st. Seeds, cold hardy plants and other items will still be shipped normally.

If you have any questions you can always email me at, please include your full name, address and the botanical names of the plants your are inquiring about.

Please pay with cash sent via U.S. mail, you MUST include written on a piece of paper your email address, your full shipping address, your name and the items which you wish to receive, as well as your cash payment.

If you wish to pay with a money order then leave the name portion of the money order blank, please.

Should you not win the auction please email me, I often have plenty of plants still for offer!

I ship by U.S. Postal Service ONLY!!!

All plants are intended ONLY for ornamental or atheistic purposes or for their cultural or historical significance and should NOT be used in anyway which is not directly related to cultivation and/or propagation. All plants are NOT intended for human consumption or any other use besides cultivation and/or propagation.


There are botanicals I need YOUR help obtaining! Yes YOU! I cannot seem to find two rare botanicals- Diplopterys cabrerana and Virola species! If you can obtain either of these plants, please email me!

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South Carolina

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